Tattooed Chef Website Redesign

Tattooed Chef goes beyond being a tasty plant-based food brand. It represents a lifestyle choice for those inclined towards a certain vibe.

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: working directly with Tattooed Chef CEO

My Role
In my role as a digital producer, I collaborated with the Tattooed Chef team to align their digital strategy with their business goals. This involved conducting technical and user research, as well as working closely with the brand's marketing, UX/UI, and graphic design teams to ensure an optimal user experience.

The new navigation system for Tattooed Chef allows users to easily browse and find products by different categories. The navigation bar also functions as a product catalog, providing users with information on which products are available for purchase online. 

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎ Shopify Development
︎︎︎ CMS Development
︎︎︎ CMS Framework
︎︎︎ GDDs, TDDs, and product specifications

Creative Management 
︎︎︎ UX/UI Design
︎︎︎ Web Design

Technical Approach
︎︎︎ Tracking
︎︎︎ Marketing