Shutterfly: Holiday NFT Auction

Shutterfly, a top e-commerce retail and manufacturing platform for personalized products, has collaborated with renowned American designer Iris Apfel to develop an exclusive NFT holiday CryptoCard collection.

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: partner with La Force PR company

My Role
Working as a digital producer on this project.

The NFT auction featuring Iris Apfel's exclusive CryptoCard collection was set up with the convenience of allowing users to bid in fiat transactions (USD), in alignment with Shutterfly's focus on "unleashing the creator in everyone."

The collection features vibrant colors and textures with Apfel's iconic eyewear, wrapped in a unique holiday card designed by the company's holiday collection. All auction proceeds were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

On Giving Tuesday, November 30th, 2021, the auction for the Shutterfly Iris Apfel NFT Holiday Crypto Cards launched with a starting bid of $30 USD. In just 24 hours, the three NFTs generated over $3,000 in bids. By the end of the one-week auction, the collection had garnered a total of $5,000 in auction proceeds.

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎NFT transaction logistic
︎︎︎NFT bidding logistic
︎︎︎TDDs and product specifications

Creative Management 
︎︎︎UX/UI design
︎︎︎Graphic collabration creation
︎︎︎Animation desing in 3D

Technical Approach