Original Penguin: AR Art Gallery & NFT Auction

This seasonal awareness campaign involves collaborating with TikTok artists to showcase fashion branded NFTs in both AR and VR spaces. All proceeds from the campaign will be donated to charity in support of young artists.

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: report directly to Origianl Pengion Maketing Team

My Role
In my role as a digital producer, I led an in-house team comprised of creative, marketing, and development experts. Additionally, I collaborated with TikTok influencers, NFT experts, and a charity organization from conception to launch. As part of my responsibilities, I conducted technical research into NFT logistics, 8th Wall platform technical capabilities, native phone AR functionality, and target user location research to develop the framework and user flow for this campaign.

During the height of the NFT trend, the Bajibot team created a campaign for fashion brand Original Penguin to increase relevance and awareness among Generation Z and younger Millennials.

The campaign involved collaborating with 5 popular TikTokers to express their art onto 3D penguins. These penguins were then minted into NFTs and auctioned in a Miami-Vice themed AR showroom, where users could bid on them.

The auction proceeds from the Original Penguin NFT campaign were donated to FreeArtsNYC, a non-profit organization based in New York that provides underprivileged children with educational opportunities through arts.

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎Landing page Development
︎︎︎Web AR Gameplay
︎︎︎TDDs and product specifications
︎︎︎NFT logistic and transaction logistic 

Creative Management 
︎︎︎UX/UI design
︎︎︎3D development
︎︎︎Influencer design training

Communication Management
︎︎︎Tiktok influencer management
︎︎︎Charity research and management

Technical Approach
︎︎︎8th Wall Commercial License