McDonald’s Canada: Find Your Favourites

Develop an interactive and captivating Augmented Reality game for the launch of the new version of McDonald's Canadian MyRewards App.

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: partner with Yahoo! Creative Stidio

My Role
In my capacity as a digital producer, I collaborated with a cross-functional team to oversee the development and launch of the assistant, involving technical research, user location research, customer onboarding management, and close coordination with Yahoo! Creative Studio, UX/UI designers, and lead engineer.

On a single-page (responsive) McDonald's themed landing page, users will encounter a hero image of the AR experience, accompanied by an introduction and instructional copy. To initiate the AR experience, users must use a compatible Smart Phone and scan a displayed QR code. Additionally, a language toggle selector will be available to allow users to switch between English and Canadian French.  

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎Landing Page Development
︎︎︎Web AR Gameplay
︎︎︎GDDs, TDDs, and 8th Wall specifications

Creative Management 
︎︎︎UX/UI Design
︎︎︎3D Product Development
︎︎︎8th Wall Creative specs 

Technical Approach
︎︎︎8th Wall Commercial License