How Do We Know What We Know: An Exploration of Expressing Self

The core idea of this project is to explore alternative modes of human communication beyond language, in situations where it may not be possible to express or convey our feelings and thoughts verbally.

Artist Statement

Language is the main method of human communication. It can be any medium for individuals to convey their feelings. It is hard to trace back when and where people started to structure spoken and written behavior. However, due to the growing number of people across the globe it is inevitable that these specific systems are only used by a particular country or community. As there are a huge amount of people around the world connected with different languages, it is not uncommon for wording and meaning to be lost because of culture, personal experiences, or personal interpretations. When communicating between two speakers of other languages, the importance of the associated emotion if frequently lost when interpreting a word to describe feelings. Moreover, while all the languages are formed by different systems, we must ask ourselves how can humans deliver feelings when there is no corresponding term in the target language. What do people all over the world do to adapt when words cannot be translated across languages? This research paper is exploring the future communication method between humans to understand how transmedia and immersive storytelling can be self-expressive and how well it will impact and create an experience to interpret emotions by researching the barriers within and without language.