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Wardrobe Emotions

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︎ Machine Learning
︎ Python Coding
︎    Fashion and color
︎    Psychology analysis on past experiences

A system that runs by codes that are picking up the meaning of the text in my own diary as I pick my clothes. This system is a tool that can investigate the contents of my closet and my emotions related to my wardrobe in an effort to become more self aware, and thus more confident and powerful. Through this system, I will be able to control my personal style in order to make good decisions that can empower myself. By looking at how clothing represents the person we are, I created the prototype to use machine learning to relate to the overall image I was trying to achieve through clothing styles expressed in diary entries in an effort to gain more knowledge about color palettes and how that might reflect how I feel about my clothing choices. Expressing our emotions through clothing is a reflection of what kind of person we are. Could that become a way for us to understand more about ourselves and take better care of our own emotional wellbeing? The current prototype can only successfully map the relationship between images (clothing) and text (diary). I am thinking of including a computer vision to do a real time graphical interface that can interact with me through the camera.