Buffalo Trace Distillery Project Mantainance

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency

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Project Role
Digital Producer

My Role
As a digital producer, I assist the company to maintain the existing project with Buffalo Trace. Maintance include debug for the broswer updates, reconnect with the new servers and add new functionalities for App Store updates.  


Buffalo Trace Distillery Vitual Tour run on iOS, MacOs, and Windows PC. A fully interactive, photorealistic, and scalable digital replica of Buffalo Trace Distillery. The distillery by building in 3D and using the Unity engine for full interactivity.

Craft Your Perfect Bourbon is a microsite that visualize the whiskey making process in a visually engaging way. The project started with a web application, and grew into a native mobile platform for B2B sales and direct to consumer downloads.

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎ Server Hosting
︎︎︎ App Store Launching
︎︎︎ App Store TestFlight User Testing

Creative Management
︎︎︎ New Function UX and UI Design