AT&T Rising Future Makers: Microsite

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: partner with Translation

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Project Role
Digital Producer

AT&T Dream in Black Rising Future Makers is a program uplifting and celebrating an esteemed class of 25 HBCU students making a difference in their community and on campus, and giving them the connections, networks, and opportunities to support their dreams and ambitions.

My Role
As a digital producer, I worked with our multidisciplinary team to take the assistant from conception to launch. I conducted technical research, user research, and worked closely with the Tranalation production team, UX/UI designers and lead engineer.

Users will arrive on a single-page (responsive) AT&T themed landing page to submit their talent through video. There are 3 phases for launching this website: the submission hub, the close for the submission, and announcing the winner.

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎Landing Page Development
︎︎︎Admin System Page Development
︎︎︎GDDs, TDDs, and product specifications

Creative Management
︎︎︎UX/UI Design Wireframes
︎︎︎Parallax Effect Design

Technical Approach
︎︎︎Traffic Analytic

Over 600 submissions from the HBCU students.