AT&T Dream in Black Anthem: Microsite

: work produces at Bajibot Media Agency
: partner with Translation

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Project Role
Digital Producer

Every family story started generations ago and will be shaped by generations to come. This is UGC platform that allows users to upload photos of their family and friends who paved the way, and laid the foundation for who they are and who they will become.

My Role
As a digital producer, I worked with our multidisciplinary team to take the assistant from conception to launch. I conducted technical research, user location research, managed customer onboarding, and worked closely with the Tranalation production team, UX/UI designers and lead engineer.

Users will arrive on a single-page (responsive) AT&T themed landing page to allow user to enjoy the Dream in Black film at the hero page area. This platform built a dynamic video submission platform that allows users to create their own videos. The platform also moderates the submitted content through AI.  

Technical Managemant
︎︎︎Landing Page Development
︎︎︎Video API, Moderation API, SMS API

Creative Management
︎︎︎UX/UI Design
︎︎︎User Upload and Image Cropping
︎︎︎Legal Document

Technical Approach
︎︎︎Traffic Analytic