brand collaborations and experiments
Estee Lauder Companies: Jo Malone

Project Designer
3D Animator
3D Modeler

Estee Lauder Companies: Estee Lauder

Project Designer
3D Animator
2D Animator
Parsons School of Design Information Technology

Digital Producer
Video Editor


Project Lead
Video Editor
ICFF - Italian Contemporary Film Festival

Graphic Design Lead


easing her journey

: collaborated with Estee Lauder Companies: Estee Lauder
: Team Member: Yunjia Wang

conceptAn pop-up exhibition at the airport for travels to rest and learn how take care of their skin. Refuel yourself for an energetic start of your vacation, plus a meaningful bonus to end the journey.

Cinema 4D, After Effects, Blender

3D modeling, UX/UI, motion graphics, exhibition planning

Project Role
Project Designer
3D Animator
2D Animator
Video Proudcing Work

: Parsons School of Design Information Technology Center
: Directors: Kayla O’Daniel and Sarah Peavy

Getting Started Guide

Microsoft 365 Promo Video

Google Chat Promo Video

Quantum Soundtrack

: Collabrated with IBM
: Team Memebers: Allon Goldberg, Ege Uz, and Shawn Zhang
: Advisors: Lin Zhou, Sven Travis, and James Weaver
︎ Quantum Experience
︎ Python with Qiskit
︎ Superposition, Entanglement, and Interference
︎ Music Composing

Quantum Music Presentation Video

Quantum Soundtrack Conference Poster

Sound Output file